Curt Oda's plan for arming teachers has merit

Dec 31 2012 - 2:50pm


Regarding the letter of Dec. 29, "Curt Oda: Ever the jokester," I also went to high school with Curt Oda. He was then, and is now a great guy. He came within a couple of votes of being elected class president his senior year. He was not the class clown. He was then, and is now a serious guy. For the letter writer to suggest otherwise is "the joke."

His description of what Curt is proposing is a typical liberal distortion of the truth. Every teacher is not going to be carrying a gun. If there were several well-trained and responsible teachers who were comfortable carrying a concealed weapon, it would probably serve as a deterrent to anyone with the idea of attacking innocent children in a school.

I respect the letter writer's service to our country. I also respect Curt's service to our community as an insurance agent and as an elected representative. I appreciate the fact that Curt has put forth a serious plan to be considered in making our schools safer.

The letter writer's approach again, is typical of liberals. They offer nothing but criticism to anyone else for making a plan.

Jay Lighthall

Pleasant View


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