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Dec 31 2012 - 5:34pm


It's time for me to shoot my BB gun as I'm extremely peeved at the upper class gold diggers' control without decent ethics. The cannon balls of fire have made me immune to the clamor of free media. May the bird of paradise fly up their noses! More important, no one has the right to impose thought, word, nor deed as to social Security. F.D.R. designed it so even he couldn't touch it. It's a supplement. Who got their meat hooks into it? I'm afraid to look or admit. The interest alone was inherited by generations.

What about debt? Where's the mega-dollars that was lent to Argentina?

As to Medicare, I've been eligible for the last 11 years, but I've never collected. My conscience is clear. I need little doctoring, plus I am sure we would never ask them to lower their fees. I do see preventive care among the gentiles.

I am a senior and I've never owned a bike or built a home. But maybe I'm lucky. During Hurricane Andrew, the elitists lost their homes insolated with cardboard.

Remember our CEOs who took their factories to Mexico? Their employees lived around his domain in cardboard boxes. He did feed them for sweat labor. We wonder why they cross our borders.

Last but not least, Just like Mussolini, TV ads are calling for our gold. My 100 percent guess is it's untaxed.

Ann C. Christoferson


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