Some Islamic women suffer so men won't sin

Jan 2 2013 - 3:07pm


Let me get this straight; some Islamic women have to have their clitoris cut off so they can't enjoy sex and some even have their vagina stitched shut so that it hurts to have sex. They must cover themselves completely, and have a man with them in order to leave the house.

They are stripped of anything that makes them female, like being able to choose a husband, fall in love, be beautiful, or equal. They must be beat by hand or by stick to be kept under control. All this is to keep the men from raping them. Why should the women of Islam suffer so the men won't sin? Why not just cut the penis off of any man who rapes a woman? Apparently it's not against the law to hold a person down and cut their genitalia off; it happens to women every day.

Some Muslim men are the most evil men on the planet.

Mark Christensen



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