Body identified as missing Ogden woman

Jan 4 2013 - 1:13am


Lori Dixon
Lori Dixon

OGDEN -- Jae Hazen is trying to figure out how to get her mother's remains to the Colorado Rockies.

Hazen had been looking for her mom, Lori Dixon, since Oct. 15. 

Dixon, 49, left the apartment she and Hazen shared to go to a job interview that day.

Hazen's mother's remains were found on Dec. 21 by a work crew cleaning wood and debris from an area near 20th Street and Wall Avenue, said Ogden Police Sgt. Tim Scott. 

"Right now we have no indication on how she died, or the cause or the manner of death," Scott said. 

Scott said there is no reason to suspect foul play. 

Weber County Sheriff's officers and Ogden police officers conducted several searches for Dixon since she was reported missing, including areas behind the apartment complex and along the Ogden River. 

The spot were Dixon's body was found was a concealed area, Scott said. 

Investigators were able to quickly identify Dixon because her name was inside her dentures, Hazen said. 

Dixon left her apartment that day without her cellphone, purse or cigarettes; that was unusual, family members said in October. 

"I continued to look for her in the wooded area behind our apartment, because we both liked to go to nature to collect ourselves and think," Hazen said. 

Hazen said Dixon's father had passed away just two weeks before her disappearance.

"They were quite close," Hazen said.

Hazen said because of her financial situation she is receiving assistance from the state for her mother's cremation, which is being done through Lindquist Mortuary, once the State Medical Examiner's Office releases her mother's body. 

The medical examiner is conducting a few more tests, Hazen said. 

The results of the tests will not be completed for at least two months. 

"Now I just need to find a way to get her remains back to the Colorado Rockies," Hazen said. "She loved them." 

Hazen said her relationship with her mother was more of best friends, than mother/daughter. 

"She was one of the first in our family to graduate from college and she got two degrees," Hazen said.

Dixon attended Ogden Applied Technology College and received degrees as an accounting technician and computer application specialist.

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