Allergic writer should wear a bubble

Jan 9 2013 - 1:54pm


I'm responding to the insane letter of Jan. 8, "Cats Shouldn't be Running Loose," which defended the shooting of cats. The writer suffers from an allergy to cats, and also dislikes kitty paws digging in his dirt. In order to protect himself from these dire threats, he feels shooting a cat in the face is a reasonable option.

I like flowers as much as the next person but they're not quite comparable to a sentient being, are they? As for the allergy, I sincerely doubt that it can be triggered by a cat passing through one's yard. Until he can get that bubble around himself built, the writer must accept the fact that he shares the planet with others, and find ways to deal with that reality.

For example, I occasionally find myself trapped in elevators with women doused in perfume. This causes my head to hurt, my mood to become cranky and my heart to question basic human goodness.  OK, not the last one, but yeah, headache, sad face--it's all there. I long for an exit. I wish for a bubble. With neither of these available, should I just shoot the stinky ones in the face? According to the letter writer, I should. My less lethal choice is of course to take the stairs, thus avoiding the noxious fumes and helping me stay in good enough shape to chase down the next lunatic I see harming a cat. See? Easy. Two problems, one solution.

Cherie H. Gilmore


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