Safety improvements added along Clinton's D&RGW rail trail

Jan 9 2013 - 8:22pm


CLINTON -- Safety improvements have been added along the city's nearly 2-mile section of the D&RGW rail trail.

Although an accident has not been recorded along the stretch, the city hopes it will avoid future problems by adding new safety gates at the trail entrances at 2300 North and new signs to warn motorists of the upcoming crosswalk.

Most of the intersections along the trail have safety gates installed. However, there is not one at 2300 North; and because of the increasing traffic along that road, the city felt the need to install one there, said Mike Child, city public works director.

Landscaping along a quarter-mile section of the trail between 2300 North and 2050 North -- including plants, rose bushes, a variety of trees and a sprinkler system -- was also completed. There are plans to landscape another quarter-mile section of the trail in the future.

Much of the landscaping was done by those volunteering for community service projects. Several Scouts also volunteered to enhance the trail with informational signs, benches and decorative rocks.

Child said an old beam, which had been left from an old underpass, was made into a trail sign above the entrance at 2300 North.

"Now the trail is more attractive after we've added a little bit of character and beautified the trail," Child said.

Each year, the city council has set aside maintenance money for repairs, weed control and mowing along the trail.

"The newly landscaped area will really help us in the future (with the budget), with a whole section we don't have to spray for weed control now," Child said.

Child said community members are enjoying the new trail.

"There is so much use on that trail that it's crazy some summer afternoons," Child said. He added that the trail also gets some use in the winter.

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