Bad guys will make high-capacity magazines

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:05 AM

Scott Zellmer


All of the talk of “banning” things in the last few weeks has made me ask the question, “Do the guys causing the problems care what you or I “ban?” So, to answer my own question, I started looking at things that have been “banned,” and how that has worked out of us. Drunk driving; child abused Drugs coming in from Mexico; all are “banned.” How’s that working out?

My next thought was that those are behaviors and “banning” behaviors is much more difficult than “banning” the manufacturing and sale of something; right? Well, in prison, we “ban” tattoos and tattoo guns, and yet, the bad guys manufacture amazing tattoo guns with smuggled parts and do amazing work in the most restrictive of environments. We have “banned” the manufacturing of meth and yet, the bad guys assemble and disassemble labs at will in houses and hotel rooms all over the country.

So how’s that “banning” working out? The latest plan for a “ban” in response to the horrors of the last month is to “ban” the sale and manufacture of high-capacity magazines for semi-automatic weapons. A magazine consists of a folded piece of sheet metal and a spring. How long do you think it will take the bad guys to make their own if they can’t buy them (or steal them)?

Let’s be honest. Bans don’t have any effect on people who don’t want to follow them. If our government uses the current crisis (never let a crisis go to waste) to “ban” the legal manufacture and distribution of high capacity magazines, all they will be doing is guaranteeing that when the bad guys come to your house, they will know that they have you outgunned.

Truth, ain’t it a bugger!

Scott Zellmer

South Ogden

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