Staker Parsons reports water issue

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:06 AM

Staff And Correspondents

SOUTH WEBER -- Dak Maxfield, the real estate manager for Staker Parson Companies, reported that the water use to keep the dust down in the pit for 2012 was more than nine million gallons.

Maxfield said Phase 3 of the mining would be done in 2013, then the seeding of the berm areas would begin.

The company’s intent was to focus on the north pit and to dig deeper in the lower pit, to include only five acres of exposed mining.

Maxfield estimated that the mining could be finished in 2015, ahead of schedule, and the reclamation of the land could begin.

Councilman Joe Gertge wanted to “incorporate something attractive for the city,” during the reclamation. Also, Gertge said he would like to see a roundabout added to the area along with a welcome sign.

Councilman Dave Thomas wanted to “sit down and discuss the future of the pit,” with the company.

Mayor Jeff Monroe asked Staker Parsons to “make sure sprinklers are working,” this spring to decrease the pollution of blowing sand.

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