Entrepreneurship: It’s more than a job

Jan 14 2013 - 10:11am


I am an entrepreneur at heart. There is nothing I would rather do than take an idea, turn it into something tangible, and make money off of it. To me, it is the only thing that makes sense in this world.

Most people sit and trade hours of their life for money, straight across, and I think that it is time for a revolution. People should not only find their passion in life, they should utilize their passion into a money maker.

I currently have several entrepreneurial endeavors under my belt, some failures too. I love the idea that I can think of something that I would personally like to have in my life, and plant the seed, water it, then watch it produce fruit. I love being able to do it with friends, too. When there are multiple passionates poised behind an idea, amazing things happen.

There are so many opportunities out there that people pass up. I plan to take them all. For me personally, I have a handful of ventures underway right now. These ventures include a guitar pick business that I have been cooking up for a couple of months, a media business that I am starting with a couple of friends and a mobile application-making pathway. These are all things that I would normally do, but since I can get paid for doing them too, why not?

This philosophy that I subscribe to is titled, "Paid to exist," which I adopted from Jonathan Mead, a California blogger who writes about being self-sufficient. Most people think that this "paid to exist" ideal is pointless, especially for the younger generation. I refuse to believe this. I will not take some minimum wage job, and become a slave to the schedule, when I can take advantage of not only what I enjoy, but what I am good at, and make enough money to sustain myself.

I absolutely love this idea, but the realist inside of me knows that this cannot work for everyone. There are so many jobs out there that are essential to our way of life. Garbage collectors, factory workers, janitors and Porta-Potty cleaners are just a few jobs that need to be done in order for our cushy lives to continue, and sadly, I cannot think of anyone who could really build a passion behind any of them.

I try to tell myself that in all reality, most of these essential jobs could be automated in some form or another, but with automation comes more jobs that nobody would really want; maintenance, building, assembling, etc...

I don't know what to do about it, other than take advantage of what I can right now, and teach others to do the same. I understand that I can't save them all, but I can save some.

My two cents for getting out there? The Internet. The Internet is the most powerful tool in the world. Do you have a great idea that might take more funding than you can realistically come up with? Kickstarter is your man, or any other crowdsourcing site. IndieGoGo is another good one.

Have some craft that you enjoy making? Etsy will welcome you with open arms. Want to show the world your music-producing skills? BeatPort, SoundCloud, YouTube ... the Internet is your friend, and If you haven't built up your relationship yet, go say hi.

I'm also going to plug PaidToExist.com. It may be the final push you need to quit your conventional job and start doing something you love. I am deeply thankful for Jonathan Mead and what he has put together over there.

In my eyes, being an entrepreneur is the only way to happily live. It is how I will live, and I will fight tooth and nail to stay away from the 9 to 5 zombie horde.

Matt Peart is a senior at Bear River High School. Email him at mattdrumdude@gmail.com.

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