OUR VIEW: Helpers in the storm

Jan 17 2013 - 10:45am


Snow angel
Snow angel

It has been a rough few days with the high levels of snowfall in the Top of Utah as well as the accompanying freezing weather. Crashes and slide-offs from the road, as well as vehicles stuck in the snow, have been common sights. A routine commute from Salt Lake City to Weber County can mean several hours of white-knuckle driving. Even a trip to the market a mile-plus away was an adventure for many of us.

It was a massive snowstorm, but it also brought out the best in many of us. At the newspaper, we were made aware -- through reporting and contacts from readers -- of the many acts of kindness on the roads, whether it was helping after a wreck, guiding a scared driver through the storm, or pushing a vehicle caught in the snow out of the drift and back into the street so the driver and passengers could be on their way.

Here's just one example that was reported in our pages: 

"Pam Murphy of Hooper got stuck Thursday night on her way to work at the Ogden Clinic. She stopped for a red light at Adams Avenue and Washington Boulevard in South Ogden.

"When the light turned green she said she started going through the intersection, got 20 feet and her Toyota Corolla just spun its tires.

"'I sat there for 10 minutes," Murphy said. "I couldn't go backwards or forward.

"'Then a car with four teenage boys pulled over. The boys jumped out and  pushed me and not just a few feet, but up pass the light until my car could go. ...

"'I was very humbled they would go out of their way to help me,' Murphy said."

One of the wonderful examples of the human spirit is our capacity, and instinct, to help others in need. Of course there are exceptions, but we believe the majority of us yearn to help when we see others in need. As long as that remains an instinct for most of us, the world will remain a great place.

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