Cats kill birds, ruin kids' sandboxes

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:13 AM

Vic Bohman


I write this letter regarding the Jan. 8 letter about cats, “Cats shouldn’t be running loose.” Here’s my two cents worth.

Talking about them (cats), I find that most people have the same problems. I like cats in their places--not in the flower beds digging up the bulbs and the flowers, and as the other letter writer mentioned, making the flower beds their personal litter boxes. More concerning are the sand boxes that we had made for our children and grandchildren to play in--not the cats. How terrible and unhealthy can this be for the kids to play in poop and pee?

I love birds and have several bird feeders in my yard. Some hang about shoulder height and others, large trays that I put mashed walnuts in and other food. It’s a shame when I find feathers and other evidence that birds have been killed. I don’t feed the birds just to fatten them up so the cats can have a good dinner!

The mayor at the city council meeting said he has the same problem, but we can’t do anything about them. Why not?!

Pass laws that we have to license our cats as well as our dogs. Make it just as important for the animal control officer to pay attention to the cats, as well as the dogs. To trap the cat is only a temporary fix. Cat owners should be responsible.

Vic Bohman

Brigham City

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