Roaming cats should be euthanized

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:13 AM

B. Robert Jones


In regards to the letter of Jan. 16, “Individual who shot cat is at fault.” I am not a cat lover, so I have a problem with her opinion about neighborhood cats. First of all, it’s the cat owners’ responsibility to keep their cats in their home or yard. Too many people buy cats and leave them outside to roam and reproduce with all the other strays. I personally counted 32 cats roaming around my yard. I have cats sitting on my door step and they also use my planting areas as a litter box, which makes it impossible to open my windows in the summer. I went and picked up a trap and caught a cat that night. I dropped the trap off and two days later, that same cat was back in my yard.

Why should I have to rent a trap because someone else’s cat stays in my yard? There are too many wild cats because inconsiderate owners don’t neuter. If I get the chance, I’ll shoot any that dare. I keep my dog fenced in, so why should I have to clean up their feces, just so I can get fresh air into my house without gagging?

Any cat that is caught in someone else’s yard deserves to be euthanized. They should also be licensed so the owner can be fined, just like dog owners. So, cat owners, be warned, I’ll make sure the cats I catch won’t be coming back to my yard!

B. Robert Jones


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