Davis County readjusts speed limits in Val Verde development

Jan 20 2013 - 11:15pm


BOUNTIFUL -- Speed limits in Val Verde near Bountiful are being readjusted after Davis County received complaints about the posted speeds being too fast on one road and too slow on another.

The Val Verde development is a large residential development in unincorporated Davis County, adjacent to Bountiful city.

The speed limit along the county's stretch of 3500 South will now have a posted speed of 25 mph, Davis County Public Works Director Kirk Schmalz told the Davis County Commission on Tuesday.

Schmalz said the concern was that there had been no posted speed on that stretch of road, causing one resident there to complain of speeding motorists.

In response to resident input and an updated 2012 traffic study, the county will also increase the posted speed along its stretch of 3800 South from 25 mph to 30 mph, because 25 mph for that section of road is too slow, Schmalz said.

The county's portion of road along 3800 South stretches from Orchard Drive to U.S. Highway 89, roughly a half-mile, and from Orchard Drive to 800 West along 3500 South, or about one-third of a mile.

Schmalz said the county has had ongoing talks and discussions with residents of Val Verde.

"I believe this will answer some of the concerns," he said.

Both roads have recently been repaved by the county, Davis County Commissioner John Petroff Jr. said.

One other concern county residents have shared with public works officials, Schmalz said, is whether the new posted speed limits will be enforced by law enforcement authorities.

The Davis County Sheriff's Office has assured Schmalz that will be done, and the county will work in cooperation with Bountiful city to make certain the new posted speeds are adhered to, officials said.

Schmalz said the posted speeds are effective immediately.

"It is a major process to change the speed limit," Petroff said.

Davis County Commissioner Bret Millburn recommended that the county notify Val Verde residents of the change, possibly via some type of home-delivered notice.

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