larklife band works OK, isn't perfect

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:09 AM

Rich Jaroslovsky

The first Lark wristband aimed to measure and improve the quality of your sleep. Now the company has introduced a new fitness-tracking band, called Larklife, that aims to do the same for your waking hours, too.

The last year or so has seen an explosion in this kind of wearable technology, including the Jawbone UP, Nike FuelBand and just-announced Fitbit Flex. Two things distinguish the $150 Larklife, one positive, the other not so much.

The Larklife does a good job of capturing your activities — counting footsteps, recording how long and how well you sleep, and the like.

The downside is the device itself: It’s awkward to use, more complicated than it needs to be and generally downright annoying.


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