Gun proponents blatantly misuse 2nd Amendment

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:21 AM

Theda Mc Hugh


I was horrified to see the picture in the paper of the idiot in my JCP store boldly displaying a weapon of war on his back (Jan. 19, “Gun owners: Man’s actions hurt us”). Kudos to the brave woman who snapped his picture and posted it on the Internet, thus telling the rest of the world not to come to Utah. Had it been me, I would have created a scene and run as fast as my 82-year-old legs could carry me, afraid of bullets in my back as I ran.

Since when is it okay to display weapons in public in Utah? What is wrong with the people who think it is alright to do such things? Where are the people who are elected to protect the rest of us? Where are the churches, the governor, the outraged populace? They seem nowhere. Now, even a sheriff’s association has joined the madness (Jan. 19, Gun control worries Top of Utah sheriffs”).

President Obama publicly said any such weapons already owned by these sick characters would not be confiscated. He also said they needed to be kept securely locked up and away from such crazies. These are sportsmen? How many bullets does it take to kill a defenseless deer? It takes from two to eleven to kill a baby.

Gun proponents say they must protect themselves from our own government. Baloney. They just want to show their manhood, such as it is. If they really want to show their manhood, they should hide those weapons away or donate them to the brave men already at war in a foreign country.

They all refer to the Second Amendment. They believe it gives them the right to own guns. Our forefathers, who only knew muskets and cannons, would never have given the right to people who would so blatantly misuse it.

I call on our elected representatives to put some limits on this type of behavior. Are they brave enough? I doubt it.

Theda Mc Hugh

Brigham City

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