Ogden City Council approves much-needed upgrade for fire station

Jan 24 2013 - 7:46pm


OGDEN -- An Ogden fire station looks to finally be getting a much-needed upgrade.

The city council voted Tuesday night to set a public hearing on a proposed budget amendment that would transfer $1.14 million from the city's Medical Services Fund to its Capital Improvement Fund for a project that would provide for a seismic retrofit and remodel of Ogden City Fire Station No. 2, at 1185 E. 21st St.

Ogden City Fire Chief Mike Mathieu said the department has spent the past three years unsuccessfully trying to secure various predisaster federal and state grants to offset some of the project's cost.

The grants never came through, Mathieu said, so alternative funding methods have to be considered.

Mathieu said the Medical Service Fund has not racked up many expenditures over the past several years, which makes it ideal to take the transfer from.

The fund currently has a balance of $3.8 million.

The transfer of the funds will leave a balance of more than $2.9 million for future projects.

The fire station project will likely begin this spring and will take about six to eight months to finish.

During construction, the fire station's engine company of three members would temporarily relocate to a building at 1875 S. Monroe Blvd.

The station's fire engine would be kept at the same temporary facility, but its ambulance would be kept at the city's main station at 2186 Lincoln Ave.

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