Governor, legislators wait while pollution poisons us

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:20 AM

Cherise Udell


Air pollution is starting to feel like a silent terrorist in my community, an ominous threat hanging heavy over my head, my heart.

Every time I go outside, I feel anxious. I am afraid to let my children outside. I send notes to school requesting that my daughters stay inside for recess as I fear for their well-being. I fear for the unborn babies being carried in the bellies of my fellow mommies. I worry about newborn babies and wonder how will they be able to breathe with their tiny new lungs.

I feel claustrophobic, I feel trapped...I do not feel free.

Governor Herbert, do you hear your citizens cry-out? We are being terrorized and we need your help. Utah senators and legislators, do you hear your constituents cry-out? We are being terrorized and we need your help.

While we wait, babies will be born stillborn, others will be miscarried, yet others will not awake from their naps. Children will gasp for breath, some will gasp for their last. Grandfathers will clutch at their hearts. Grandmothers will simply collapse.

When, Governor Herbert, when Utah legislators, will you act?

Cherise Udell


Utah Moms for Clean Air

Salt Lake City

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