Utah House Speaker Lockhart: Do we really need more pages of code?

Jan 28 2013 - 10:48pm


SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart, R-Provo, urged state lawmakers to back off the need to generate so much legislation and joked it would be appropriate if Gov. Gary Herbert were a little heavier with his veto pen.

In remarks made to open the 60th session of the Utah Legislature, Lockhart urged lawmakers to back off the urge to generate lots of bills. She said lawmakers will consider almost 1,000 bills this year and that history shows as many as 400 of them may pass.

She said the bills will amount to almost 200 new pages of code.

"That's on top of the thousands of pages added over the decades. Do we really want to keep doing that? Really? Really," Lockhart said.

In a news briefing after the remarks, Lockhart said she wasn't attacking the governor, but was only pointing out that all lawmakers need to look at what is really important.

"The Legislature is not perfect. We're not. We'll fully admit that. We reflect the people of our district. Sometimes we make great decisions, but sometimes we're just like regular people, and sometimes we have to come back and fix it. We're willing to work on it and try our best."

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