We must treat cause, not tool in tragedies

Jan 28 2013 - 6:26pm


I am mortified and angry over the disaster in Connecticut. It is even more upsetting to see Obama and Joe bidden, like buzzards, picking the bones of the dead, using this terrible incident to push their own private agenda. 

I have watched high-profile killings like this over the last 50 years. About 90 percent have a common thread, suicide and depression. Last year, there were over 30,000 suicide deaths in the U.S. That is over 1,000 times the number in the recent Connecticut event. I have never, in the years since he came into office, heard President Obama say a word about suicide prevention. He obviously does not care about people dying.

Most of the perpetrators had previously tried to get help. Help was too expensive, ineffective, slow or unavailable. Mental health is just coming out of the Dard Ages. We now have the beginnings of equipment and technology to study, diagnose and treat serious mental problems and do it on a good scientific basis.

Much more needs to be done. If this country can spend billions on war, we should be able to pursue mental help vigorously. Depression is a terrible, painful, debilitating illness.

Depression finds its way into substance abuse, domestic violence, most crime. It costs the country millions of productive man-hours.

Now it is time to act! Obama's plan is duplicative, unnecessary, ill-timed, contentious, divisive and unconstitutional. It is immoral to use horrible tragedies to satisfy personal political agendas. We must treat the cause, not the tool; otherwise, the problem will repeat again and again as it has been doing.

Joseph F. Gardner


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