Why does our country like guns so much?

Jan 28 2013 - 2:27pm


I have written this letter on something that has struck our nation with great force lately, gun control. I know you have probably gotten more than my letter on this subject, but it just bothers me that people in our country like guns so much. Sure, it helps the economy, and it is a good sport for some, but from what I am talking about is not about the sport. 

With all the incidents such as Newtown, is it really necessary to have assault weapons? Hunting guns are alright because they can't hurt anyone as much and they are for sport, but assault weapons will take lives. If you look at what someone like Adam Lanza did, you feel like all weapons should be banned. I beg to differ; I just want my neighbors, my friends, and my family to be safe from any assault weapon that could kill them so easily. If Congress would just do something like that it would resolve most of the conflict that would normally have taken place with no guns. 

So in conclusion I hope congress will resolve this in a matter that will stop a national crisis from happening and just ban assault weapons.

Andrew Kyed


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