Ephraim art center faces eviction after showing notorious gay film

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:15 AM


EPHRAIM -- Officials here are trying to evict an edgy art center, prompting a federal lawsuit complaining of censorship.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Ephraim has cut $30,000 in funding and is trying to evict the Central Utah Art Center from an old grain mill where it pays no rent.

Ephraim officials say the art center shows exhibits that are offensive to residents of rural Utah. One short film that played in Ephraim was notorious even at its New York premiere. "Flaming Creatures" by Jack Smith depicted gay and transgendered individuals in various acts.

The Central Utah Art Center says it draws 19,000 visitors annually and pours $250,000 into the local economy.

The art center is asking a federal judge to bar Ephraim from evicting it because of the content of its exhibits.

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