Congress keeps putting sequester on the back burner

Feb 4 2013 - 4:44pm


With the sequester coming at the country like a runaway train, politicians seem to be worried more about immigration reform and gun control, not what will happen when the DOD furloughs its 800,000 workers for one day a week for 22 weeks. That is a 20 percent pay loss every week for 22 weeks.   

Congress just passed a gimmick bill declaring that if they don't pass a budget, they have their pay withheld.  Notice the word "withheld", not cut, not, they won't be paid. It will be held in escrow and returned to them at a later date. Pretty nice little bit of word play to make the American people think that career politician will actually lose money if they don't do their jobs. It will probably make interest and they will get that too.

The 20 percent drop in pay that will hit the 800,000 DOD workers isn't going into escrow; in fact, it won't be going into the communities they live in either. That money is lost and gone forever. So, communities that rely on the military installations to provide jobs are now going to be out that money as well, all because of the folks we elected to sit in the ivory tower that is Washington D.C., choose not to do the job we elected them to do.   

Congress needs to be furloughed. The elected officials are not in touch with what the country wants as evidenced by the 15.4 percent job approval rating for Congress.  Hopefully the American people will remember the pain and anguish that Congress has brought on through their game playing with peoples' livelihoods when the mid-term elections hit in 2014.

Robert Trickey


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