Cop's efforts appreciated after parking lot mishap

Feb 4 2013 - 4:22pm


My truck was hit in a parking lot in Layton. I am a senior citizen and cannot afford repairs like this. The damage didn't look that bad, but it came close to $1,200 

I want to thank officer Jeppson of the Layton Police Department. Someone had left a note on my vehicle with the license number of the vehicle that hit my truck and Officer Jeppson found the person who was driving the car that hit mine. I was absolutely taken aback when he said he was going to that person's home and would get me the information I needed regarding her insurance. 

The officer called me that evening and gave me all I needed to have this taken care of. I am originally from California. The police there wouldn't have even bothered to take a report on this and I would have been out my $500 deductible.

Many thanks to the stranger who left the note and very many thanks to officer Jeppson.

James Middleton



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