Teen writers share pet peeves about Utah winters

Monday , February 04, 2013 - 9:03 AM

Photo illustrations by JESSICA HEYWOOD/Morgan High School/

Photo illustrations by JESSICA HEYWOOD/Morgan High School/

Danielle Collier

We live in Utah, the state that manages to go from 100 degrees to less than 20 degrees in just a matter of seasons.

Most people enjoy the freedom of summer and openly welcome the heat but the days of taking a dip in the pool and laying out to tan all too soon give way to extreme winter, a season of luminous snow angels and graceful ice skating for some but a season of ice-cubed cars and dreadful colds for others.

For those who love snowboarding, skiing and other snow-related activities, snow is something to look forward to. But for others, certain pet peeves about this time of year seem to become more prominent as winter takes its lovely course.

Today, some of our TX. staffers share their biggest pet peeves about winter. Who knows, one might just spark a connection with those frustrating peeves of your own.

Too much pain

“I hate when the cold is biting. It makes my hands and face hurt!” says Krystal Ruiz, a sophomore at Weber High School.

Snow removal

“Shoveling snow and dealing with the ice is the worst,” says Meghan Jones, a junior at Bonneville High. “Snow never seems to stop falling and as soon as you finish, it’s time to start all over again. The ice just adds to the cold and is always a joy when you slip on a patch and fall on your butt.”

Crazy drivers

Sierra Bruggink, a sophomore at Weber High, says, “I hate how the moment it snows everyone turns into maniac drivers on the road. Please people, go above 10 miles per hour on the (North Ogden) divide!”

Dirty snow

“Every year, the first day it snows it’s so flawless and perfect. There’s a perfect white sheet, making everything it covers look so pure and clean; well, it does at least the first couple of days,” says Katey Maes, a junior at Layton High. “Then after that there are piles of brown, dirty disgusting snow all over the streets and the gutters, ruining our perfect wonderland.”

Snowboarder antics

“My winter pet peeve is annoying snowboarders,” says Sierra Lawrence, a senior at Ogden High. “Not all snowboarders are bad, but many of them just sit in the middle of the trail or hill, or they plop down right after they get off the lift to strap into their bindings. It’s really annoying when you’re a skier and you have to try and maneuver around them all the time.”

Sickies everywhere

“I hate the sound of people blowing their nose, it is my biggest pet peeve,” says Sara Hawker, a junior at Syracuse High. “The idea of someone trying to blow all of the snot out of their head is disgusting. People coughing everywhere is also very gross and the worst part about winter.”

Drab clothes

Olivia Andrus, a sophomore at Ogden High, says, “My biggest peeve about winter is the fact that yes, it is cold, but that means you can’t wear summer clothes! I get tired of wearing jeans all the time, and I miss my sunglasses. Also, I feel like I’m violating some fashion code when I wear super-bright colors, because normally when I walk around school, I see lots of browns, whites and grays.”

“Oh, and sandals,” she adds. “I definitely miss wearing sandals every day.”

Cleaning cars

Personally, as a summer lover myself, I have accumulated numerous pet peeves toward winter. The biggest and newest since obtaining my own car ishaving to wake up early to clean all of the snow off my poor car. And I don’t like freezing while sitting inside the car waiting impatiently for the heater to work.

Plow ‘piles’

Another pet peeve that I, as well as my family, have endured quite a bit recently is when the snowplows come down your street and dump all that extra snow right in front of the entrance to your driveway, ever so nonchalantly. And you just watch, realizing that all of that snow is now yours to shovel if you plan on driving anywhere, or else you will find yourself stuck doing doughnuts in your driveway.

Unplanned skating

Last but not least, a popular pet peeve about winter among my friends and I is having to ice skate your way around icy parking lots and pathways. Although exciting at times, this becomes quite dangerous and can easily take a turn for the worse — and the embarrassing.

Danielle Collier is a junior at Northridge High School. She enjoys being with friends, volleyball, shopping, writing and traveling. Contact her at