Snow College football signing list

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:28 AM


New Snow College football coach Britt Maughan released the school's 2013 football signings list:

Ryan Rosenvall (Alta HS, QB)

Tonga Manu (Bingham HS, RB)

TJ Amone (Cottonwood HS, DL)

Crosby Jensen (Cottonwood HS, QB)

Landon Horne (Davis HS, TE)

Sione Leotoa (East HS, DL)

Sesi Salt (East HS, LB/DL)

Malcolm Card-Turner (Highland HS, CB)

Tayler Swan (Jordan HS, LB)

Henotoni Mataele (Kearns HS, LB)

Isaac Yarber (Kearns HS, OL/DL)

Alani Pututua (South Sevier HS, LB)

Davey Adams (Northridge HS, WR)

Stratton Brown (Riverton HS, CB)

Noah Cobb (Timpview HS, DL)

Jake Lloyd (Timpview HS, QB)

Student-athletes from outside Utah who signed with Snow College include:

Mike Smith (Prattville HS, Ala., WR/RB)

LaRonji Vinson (Prattville HS, Ala., CB)

Tyler Trudo (Bentonville HS, Ark., WR)

Trevin Swenson (Shelley HS, Ida., LB)

Javon Walker (Shaker Heights HS, Ohio, CB)

Dalton Forsythe (Grapevine HS, Tex., OL)

Justin Williams (La Marque HS, Tex., WR)

Taylor Nelson (Union HS, Wash., LB)

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