Utah air quality officials may target hamburger grills

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:29 AM

Paul Foy

SALT LAKE CITY -- A powerful state board is moving to require emissions controls on smoky char broilers at hamburger joints.

Other measures set to take effect in northern Utah this year will force changes in everyday products, from oven cleaners to aerosol deodorants and hair spray. It's all part of a comprehensive plan to curb smog that hangs over the greater Salt Lake region.

Hydrocarbon propellants in many household products contribute in a small way to air pollution. Retailers will have to switch to stocking shelves with environmentally friendly products.

Regulators say it will take hundreds of changes in people's lifestyles - and in commerce and industry - to meet federal air-quality standards.

The Utah Air Quality Board was set to take action Wednesday afternoon on a handful of new regulations

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