Advanced technology makes more planes, ships unnecessary

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:27 AM

Spencer Thompson


I was amused to read Rob Bishop’s Feb. 6 ViewPoint, “Reasonable reforms, not sequestration.” You would assume from it that the DOD was the only Federal Employer in the state of Utah. The Departments of the Treasury, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Education, Homeland Security, etc. Do not have employees in this state, nor do they hire contractors or have supply contracts with any Utah companies.

What have our elected representatives been doing in Washington? Surely they could get some of these overpaid federal jobs sent our way.

It is true that the defense budget has been reduced. We are also not spending as much fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq. We also have the smallest Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marines that we have had for a very long time. They are also better trained and more technologically advanced they ever before. With better missiles, airplanes, communications, ships, munitions, etc. We do not need the same number of ships, planes, or fighting men.

I do not think that the House Budget bills that passed were very non-partisan.

When a majority of one party “for” and a majority of another party votes against, that in my opinion, is partisan. The Republican House was told that they would not get consideration by the Senate. Yet, they persisted in wasting our money by having the votes.

Spencer Thompson


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