Nothing 'radical' about preserving public lands

Thursday , February 07, 2013 - 3:52 PM

Harry O. Senekjian


Regarding Mr. Bishop’s reaction to the nomination of Sally Jewell as head of the Department of the Interior, I cannot think of a greater endorsement of the candidate than to read about Mr. Bishop’s “reservations.” Count me in as fully supporting her and urging the Senate to confirm her.

By the way, Mr. Bishop was not correct in his comments (Feb. 6 guest commentary, “Reasonable reforms, not sequestration”). The Department of the Interior manages lands that belong to the United States and all its citizens, not “Utah’s lands.” Finally, I would also be interested in Mr. Bishop’s expanding on his remarks regarding special interest groups and their radical agendas. I do not consider preserving our public lands for all to enjoy and leave as a legacy for future generations as being radical.

Harry O. Senkjian


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