We can't ignore absolutes from God

Feb 7 2013 - 3:02pm


It seems that these three words, cooperation, compromise and tolerance are being used more frequently lately. And it seems that they are expected and extracted from the moral majority in matters of gun control and homosexual behavior. In light of the recent inauguration, I paraphrased some of the statements to show what I mean: 

1) As long as you do it my way, that's the spirit of cooperation. 2) We all need to work together cooperatively to do the things I want you to do. 3) I swear to uphold the Constitution, the one that will be changed to my liking. 4) You can't have a police state with guns available to the public.

Then with the Boy Scout situation, it hurts even more. It seems the homosexual crowd is not satisfied until they tear down every decent standard that exists. They don't believe in absolutes. Everything is negotiable and can be changed. Is there such a thing as a homosexual Christian? If so, then it must be an Anti-Christ.  

It appears that in the world today, the lines are being drawn for the final battle between good and evil. Who's on the Lords side? Now is the time to show, etc.  

I believe that cooperation, compromise, and tolerance are important values that should be practiced in both directions. But if we wink at sin, and ignore the absolutes from God, then we have to pay the price of a righteous judgement.

Bill Horton

North Ogden


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