Federal jury gets Wayne Ogden case

Feb 8 2013 - 10:20pm


SALT LAKE CITY -- The 12-member jury hearing the federal fraud case against former Weber County swindler Wayne Ogden was sent home for the weekend late Friday afternoon.

Judge Clark Waddoups opted to have the jury resume deliberations Monday morning. Jurors received the case early Friday afternoon after several hours of jury instruction and closing arguments. The trial began Jan. 23.

Ogden is charged with turning a real estate proposal into a Ponzi scheme in 2002 from his Sandy-based Empire Investment Group. The federal indictment is similar to charges in Weber County in a late 1990s scam that sent Ogden to the Utah State Prison, where he served just less than three years.

Unique to the current case is Ogden's claim he was working undercover for federal regulators.

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