Sad, angry people seem to have no goals

Feb 8 2013 - 4:47pm



As a resident and a very concerned mother and grandmother, I am afraid for my sons and grandkids. Everyday they are all in school or elsewhere----too many places and areas to even mention. People are people. Add what human nature is, and life is life. We all have had unpleasant encounters and an unhappy person disrespects us. Unfortunately, some of those unhappy people turn out to be some we know. There is no excuse for any human being to disrespect or violate anyone else's peace of mind.

The "times, they are a changin'" and in fact are worse. Sadness and angriness are what members of this generation feed on. They're without goals for a better fortune and there is total disrespect for others.

All we can really do is pray everyday for human nature and all lives. If only we could get rid of all that's bad in our communities and in our world, too. This is not realistic at all. As for guns, and why we want them, now that's another opinion.

Christine Lopez-Jarvis

West Haven




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