Segment of Harrison Boulevard may be widened in Ogden plan

Feb 12 2013 - 11:36pm


OGDEN -- The Ogden city administration has developed the next five years of proposed capital improvements.

Each year, a five-year capital improvement plan is developed by the administration and presented to the city council for review and recommendation.

In the second in a series of work sessions regarding the CIP, city officials discussed projects that would be undertaken in the next budget year and within the following four years.

The CIP list includes projects that can be accomplished through one-year budget allocations as well as those that need to be spread out over several years.

Some of the projects on the list are:

* A widening of Harrison Boulevard from 2nd Street to 7th Street.

* About 900 new parking stalls at various locations throughout Ogden.

* A reconstruction and widening of Gibson Avenue from 12th Street to 17th Street and 17th Street from Wall Avenue to Gibson Avenue to allow for increased use.

* The replacement of Fire Station No. 3 at 340 Washington Blvd.

* The second phase of a high-adventure park along the Ogden River.

* An Ogden Police camera project that would put several surveillance cameras in key locations throughout the city, providing a deterrent to criminal activity and a tool to identify, apprehend and prosecute suspects in criminal activity.

* A promenade along Grant Avenue with special features for cyclists and pedestrians that would connect the Ogden River to downtown.

The plan also includes citywide street improvements, improvements and renovations to several local parks and city-owned buildings and structures, and improvements to the city's network of trails.

The total proposed plan comes in at just less than $88 million. The city council will consider the proposed projects and make recommendations for change.

The CIP will be adopted after allowing public input and, ultimately, will be used to prioritize the funding of capital projects during the fiscal year 2014 budget process.


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