TX. page witty, thoughtfully well-written

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:32 AM

Ann Brundige


I want to compliment the Standard-Examiner, for the TX. page. I don’t know how the TX. staff are chosen. Are they paid by the paper? Are they volunteers? I do notice that they come from many different schools.

I have read and enjoyed pieces on the TX. page that are well-written, thoughtful, insightful, and witty—sometimes all within a single article.

It seems to me that one flaw in our culture is to keep children as children for far too many years, then expect them to suddenly morph into adults without enough transitory experiences to practice adult skills.

The Standard has provided something very precious for these young writers, a platform from which they can publish! It was an excellent idea, brilliantly executed, and the newspaper deserves a round of applause for making it happen.

Ann F. Brundige


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