Boy Scouts shouldn't be pressured to change policy

Feb 18 2013 - 1:59pm


After reading the letter to the editor of Feb.9, "Utah Boy Scout leaders demonstrate intolerance" I felt like I needed to reply.   

Since when is it a right to join a private organization? She is right in stating that it is a privilege to join the BSA, but it is certainly not a right. Her letter is simply the same old rhetoric from the GLBT movement which seems to think, "If you don't agree with our lifestyle then you are full of hate and revulsion."  Why is it that the GLBT movement wants everyone to accept their lifestyle, even if it goes against the very moral principles that govern many organizations and individuals? 

I'm sure the hope is if we can browbeat, threaten or intimidate enough people, or the organizations they represent or work for, then we will move one step closer to normalizing what a silent majority would consider a perversion. Frankly, I grow tired of the same old argument from the GLBT people of, "You are either with us, or you are against us." I think basic rights should be guaranteed to all people regardless of sexual preference, but I do not believe any group, or private organization should be pressured, intimidated or threatened into changing their policies, morals, and guidelines, just to satisfy what gays and lesbians perceive to be their right. The same perceived thought process that this letter  writer is referring to in her letter about "hate and hypocrisy" regarding the Utah BSA leaders, is in reality the very thought process that seems to quickly manifest itself when the GLBT movement does not get what it wants, or feels it is entitled to.  

So ask yourself this question: If gays and lesbians are so concerned about love and acceptance, then why do they seem so quick to judge and condemn any person or organization that does not happen to agree with them, or the agendas they are so actively pushing? That certainly does not sound like love or acceptance to me.

Mark Hansen


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