Governor can't control the weather

Feb 18 2013 - 5:59pm



I've lived around the Wasatch Front and Salt Lake for 20-plus years. I've never even thought about or been bothered by you peoples' assertion the air is unsafe! What I've done is travelled for 35 years. I was in Lost Angeles on a weekly basis. The air is three times as bad as ours. I've never heard anyone there protest or make a federal case out of it. They call it smog and they deal with it. Salt Lake City is getting bigger, more populated, so? 

I think the overreaction to these inversions by these quasi-protest groups who are just fronts for the environmentalists are ridiculous,what there after is to pass a bunch of unnecessary laws that will bankrupt the state or force the business's out just like they did in California. Now calif is a ghost town,all there business has left or they are on there way out.

Let's not let that happen here! And, for crying out loud, the inversion lasts a couple of months. I think Utahns are tough enough to handle it! What did those ding- bats who went and protested at the capitol and sat in the governor's office expect him to do? He can't control the weather! 

Joseph Viera



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