Kaysville council were asked questions needing answers

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:40 AM

Esther Smith


A guest article was published Feb. 10, “Critic’s accusations are unfounded,” by Brett Garlick discussed Kaysville city electrical rates and Mr. Orwin Draney.

I am offended by many of Mr. Garlick’s statements in this piece. He begins, “...Mr. Orwin Draney, who unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the city council addressed the council...”. The inference is that Mr. Draney lost all credibility as a citizen when he lost the election. I object to this! Has Mitt Romney lost all credibility as an intelligent person because he didn’t win the election? I applaud Mr. Draney for staying involved in civic affairs.

A few years ago, we often spoke of “the silent majority.” There are still many of us who appreciate Mr. Draney and others who voice our objections to a 9 percent increase in electrical fees unless there is an absolute urgent need. Mr. Draney was correct when he said to the city council, “I came here to ask the questions that people are asking me for which I have no answers.”

I strongly object to the statement that Mr. Draney sprouted untruths or made ridiculous accusations! He asked questions that I would like answered. Mr. Garlick gave only partial answers to some of my questions while leaving me feeling unsatisfied and upset at the negative tone of his article.

I have known many in the Garlick family and liked them, but I don’t intend to vote for Mr. Garlick in the next election. I hope Mr. Draney continues to speak to city council in my behalf.

Esther Smith


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