leaders, not gays, molested young Scouts

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:39 AM

Anthony Pena


Where does the writer of the Feb. 18 letter, “Gays want to infiltrate upstanding organizations,” come off judging people? Nowhere in the Scout motto have I read that you have to be straight.

The letter writer should keep up with the news. It’s the Scout leaders who have been molesting all these young boys, not gay or bisexual men. I happen to know many gay and bisexual men and none of them would ever consider molesting a young boy the way the courageous Scout leaders of America have done for so many years.

The writer should get his head out of the sand and open his eyes to the ever-changing world around him. His letter was not only an insult to the LGBT community but also to me, as I have friends who are gay and lesbian.

Anthony Pena

Pleasant View

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