Conservative grassroots group complains about media bias

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:38 AM

Virginia Hernandez Reza


Those praising President Obama’s State of the Union speech have probably never interacted in the grassroots community. We don’t have the privilege of sitting starry eyed, listening to academic professors or teachers and their politics. Our experience and learning comes from the hard knocks of life; we survive with or without big government. We in the grassroots community have some intelligence, we can think for ourselves if we are told the truth and government is more transparent. We can decide what’s is good for us with honest leadership and proper information by the news media.

How did the president’s speech serve the interest of all the people? The first four years of his presidency brought us to where we are today. What hope do we have for the future? His rhetoric has led us to $17 trillion in debt, no jobs, no more quality health care for the elderly and the poor. Education and tuition costs are going through the roof; gas prices are affecting Americans, plus hundreds of thousands of illegals are crossing our borders.

The borders have to be closed. The president does nothing to prevent the flow of drugs, cartel crimes, murders and human trafficking. Close the borders and save the lives of thousands of innocent immigrants.

In my opinion the national media targets opposing views and proposals that could benefit the future of the nation. The media have no accountability regarding their bias, and their discrediting of conservatives for ideas or strong proposals. I listened to people who are accused of being racist or discriminatory when in actuality the racists are those screaming the loudest.

We’re not as brilliant as elitist professors, elitist Democrats, rhino Republicans or Harvard journalists, but we have enough sense to know we are a grassroots community in mass numbers. President Obama seems to take us for granted. He uses quote from previous presidents and this does not compliment him. This quote would be very helpful for him to throw out there, “Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” This comes from President Thomas Jefferson and this isn’t happening for us.

Virginia Hernandez Reza


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