Ice doesn't stop carp removal project at Utah Lake

Feb 20 2013 - 3:32pm


Carp are a common sight in many Utah lakes and waterways, and in most cases, aren't considered a major threat to the other fish species in those waters.

That's not the case in Utah Lake west of Provo, where an exploding population of the large fish has taken over and been threatening an endangered species for decades.

 State wildlife managers are fighting back in an attempt to reduce and hopefully eliminate the carp population in the lake in what has become a year-round effort. A total of 60,000 pounds of carp were removed through a hole in the ice in one day at Utah Lake last week, and crews have been going back for more on a daily basis as weather allows, said David Tinsley, a commercial fisheries observer for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources who has been working on the project for three years.

Since 2009, about 10 million pounds of carp have been removed to help the endangered June sucker. Utah Lake is the only place in the world where June suckers are found.

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