Ogden amends general plan to improve one of city’s oldest neighborhoods

Feb 20 2013 - 7:36pm


OGDEN -- A plan is now in place to improve one of Ogden's oldest neighborhoods.

At a special city council meeting held Tuesday night at the Marshall White Center, the council voted to amend Ogden's general plan to include the Jefferson Community Plan.

Several residents showed up to the meeting, held in the heart of the Jefferson neighborhood.

The Jefferson plan was developed by the city planning commission after meeting with community members for several years and getting help from a steering committee.

The plan establishes a guide to future physical land-use patterns and desired attributes of the neighborhood, which is defined as the area from 27th Street to 36th Street and from Washington Boulevard to Pacific Avenue.

The plan has many components but focuses on three major topic areas: land use, open space and pathways, and transportation.

The plan states that preserving the existing single-family nature of the neighborhood, while improving the overall quality of homes and other structures, is a central priority.

To that end, the city would consider developing incentive programs to increase homeownership in the community, offering home-improvement grants, making strategic zoning changes and improving code enforcement.

The plan also places an emphasis on commercial corridors throughout the neighborhood, using such strategies as the development of landscaped parkways and the use of public art and murals.

The plan also notes the importance of preserving historic structures within the neighborhood, enhancing and improving local parks and open spaces, and enhancing local arterial and collector streets.

Now that the plan is in place, its recommendations will be used for years to come to guide future ordinances, programs, capital improvements and other city policy implementation mechanisms.

Denny Valdez lives in the Jefferson neighborhood close to the Marshall White Center and said he likes the spirit of the plan.

"It's a good idea, because I think this is definitely an area that can be improved," he said. "So I'm glad the city is looking out for us. There's a lot of good people in this area."

Click here to see the full plan, which provides detailed improvement strategies.

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