Former S. Utah ski-area managers charged with fraud

Feb 25 2013 - 4:13pm


Marc Jenson (Police Photo)
Marc Jenson (Police Photo)

BEAVER -- Two brothers have been arraigned on fraud charges after raising millions of dollars to turn a southern Utah ski area into an exclusive members-only resort.

Marc and Stephen Jenson pleaded not guilty Monday in 3rd District Court to money-laundering and fraud charges.

Marc Jenson is accused of failing to inform investors of his checkered past and bankruptcy. He's being held at Beaver County jail for failing to pay $4 million to victims of an earlier fraud. His lawyer, Brent Burningham, says he withdrew Monday because he hadn't been compensated and that Marc Jenson will get a public defender.

The Jensons say they tried to turn the ski area into the Mount Holly Club but were defeated when a big investor dropped out.

The former Elk Meadows ski area outside the ranching town of Beaver is now being run as Eagle Point by managers of a former hedge fund.


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