Harassing, abusing wildlife cruel, illegal

Feb 25 2013 - 6:24pm


I truly believe that the residents of Pleasant View live in a peaceful and pleasant location. One of the views we enjoy during the winter months is a herd of approximately 25 deer which harbor in one of orchards in our neighborhood.

Sadly, one Sunday afternoon, our "pleasant view" and the deer's safe harbor were sent into an uproar by a young man who took his pleasure by sending his dog into the herd and causing the deer to run in terror. Over the course of two weeks, various neighbors watched this young man, on nearly a daily basis, create chaos and fear for the herd. What had been a very healthy herd became a thinner, slower moving group, and one ended up badly injured.

On Saturday, February 23, an observant neighbor saw this young man and his friend sending the dog into the herd and the neighbor called the police. I appreciate the quick response of our police force and that this young man's ill-willed behavior has been stopped.

February 23 was the day of the blizzard-type conditions and a day when the deer needed to be able to rest and maintain their energy stores. The evening prior was the last day that I saw the injured deer, and I believe that forcing it to run during the bad storm took the final toll on it physically.  

I would like to hope that its demise was quick, but doubt that was the case.

I hope that people will think twice before they decide to have their "fun" by harassing and abusing wildlife. Keep in mind, such actions are illegal, and rarely are they anywhere these days where people are not observing them.

Grateful peace has returned to our neighborhood,

DeAnn Wallwork

Pleasant View


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