Plenty of wasteful spending at Hill AFB

Feb 25 2013 - 5:38pm


This is a reply to Senator Hatch's opinion of cuts for the base (Feb. 24, "President Obama's sequester the wrong approach"). He needs to look at the waste and people up there who do not do their jobs and are making quite a nice living doing so. I personally called the inspector general's office in Washington D.C. the Friday before Martin Luther King Day, to file a complaint about a person who works at the base, who not only plays on a smart phone when they are supposed to be working, but is signing off on rocket motors coming onto the base without even seeing them. 

I don't know about you, but this makes me a little nervous when these rocket motors are on the road and they have not even been checked out. Do we need another screw up at the base to wise people up? This person makes probably $36.00 an hour and does not do the job, and puts the base at risk for not doing the job. And even more troubling is that this person's boss sees no problem in falsifying the documents. Of course, it would really become a problem if something went wrong with the rocker motor, but until then, it's business as usual. 

Now, five weeks later, this person is still working, still not doing anything that would warrant being paid $200.00 a day, still hasn't been fired for falsifying documents. That person is probably not the only one. 

Senator Hatch, clean up the waste at the base and you could bring it in under budget. Check out the facts I have told you and you get something done because everyone else just seems to want to do nothing about it.

Debbie Hendry


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