Winning caption for cartoon showing gay couples tactless

Feb 25 2013 - 4:43pm


The winning caption announced Feb. 23 for Cal's comic was hilarious! Wait.. no it wasn't.  

Come to think of it, I think I missed the punch line. Cal's drawing was of three couples on a bench; a lesbian couple was on the left, straight couple in the middle, and a gay couple on the right. All three couples had hearts between their heads. The straight couple was the only one not kissing, and the woman was speaking. The winning caption was,  "George honey, I'll bet that I'm the only one here who's pregnant." Is this the straight couple taking a jab at the same-sex couples because they can't have kids as easily as the straight couple?

Is that funny? Would it be funny if the other couples were opposite-sex and one had an infertile woman and the other a sterile male? Is that not a sensitive subject? I'm wondering if the caption-writer is aware that same-sex couples can have kids. Just because there isn't a  

"lesbian teen mom" on MTV doesn't mean that homosexuals can't have children.   

Is he just uninformed or does he not understand that the caption was tactless?  Maybe I just missed the joke.

Alexis Sheffield


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