Accessories make hot tub parties rock

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:46 AM

Deanne Winterton

It’s the little accessories — like lights, waterfalls and even aromas — that can make your next hot tub party.

“A lot of people are trying to incorporate entertainment with the therapy of spas,” said Justin Johnson with All American Spas. “There are all kinds of different accessories that can enhance the spa in terms of entertainment value. It sets an ambience.”

Top on the list of great hot tub party accessories is mood enhancing lighting. Consider a change in color, maybe to a calming blue or a funky pink. There are even retro multicolored LED lights that can be installed in existing light sockets.

Shawn Maynard with Bullfrog Spas calls it “chromatherapy.”

“You turn the lights on slow rotation and let yourself relax,” Maynard said. “It entrances you like a campfire.”

If in-tub lighting is not an option, consider an inexpensive floating model to provide the light show.

Waterfall features seem to be a favorite spa accessory for entertaining, especially lighted waterfalls.

Great smelling water, aka aromatherapy, can make an average hot tub party memorable. Thanks to fragrances available at area spa retail stores, your guests can bask in the smells of the Hawaiian tropics, clean rain or even watermelon.

There are 30 different fragrances at Leisure Pool & Spas, where Hawaiian Sunset is a popular aroma, said John Brady. At Bullfrog Spas, lavender is a top pick, mostly for its relaxing capabilities.Johnson said many fragrances also come with the added benefit of being skin softeners as well. Buying aromas by the bottle is a way to buy in bulk and save a little extra cash, said Lauri Cragun of Larry’s Pools and Spas.

Spas can get high tech, just for the entertainment value, Johnson said. There are Bluetooth and iPod stereo system offerings built right into spas. Don’t forget the bar and stools for the side of the hot tub.

Consider these additional tips to make the most of your hot tub time:

• Ensuring the cleanliness of your hot tub water is essential. Don’t put off the inspection of the spa water until right before the party starts.

• Because sitting in a hot tub can lead to dehydration, have plenty of drinking water on hand.

• Avoid glass containers. Plastic and even paper cups are a better alternative.

• Keep the water temperature at 100 degrees. This cooler temperature will result in longer soaking time.

• Provide a variety of activities in case guests want to climb out of the hot tub. Barbecuing, lawn game, and even lounging on lawn chairs are good standbys.

• Clearing the area around the hot tub of dirt and debris will prevent guests from tracking it into the hot tub.

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