Congress blames us after raiding our cookie jar

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:46 AM

Kathleen Vaux


Sequestration: the word is larger than it appears to be. Budget cuts that affect the military complex will undoubtedly trickle through our entire local economies, putting individuals and commercial business in jeopardy with far reaching implications.

None of this had to happen. Our elected officials have bickered, fought, and failed to do the only job they were sent to do—manage the budget of our country, financing only those things that needed finance.

Partisan politics are being blamed for this fiasco with finger-pointing the only offered solution. There is talk of reforming “entitlements” at the same time they are initiating the largest “entitlement” of all, Obamacare. And, our president is proposing more “freebies.”

Social Security is not an “entitlement.” It is money we have paid in (through S.S. “taxes”) for almost every job we have ever held. Had we been allowed to put that money into an investment account, we would have no problem now. But because it was not put in a “lock box” (do you remember that debate a decade ago?) Congress deemed it their money to spend. Now the money is gone and somehow it’s our fault.

I recently did a little research to find out where the money has been going. According to the “Citizens Against Government Waste website, Congress has spent $255 billion on “pork” since 2000. Check it out, the details are listed. Both sides are guilty.

We need to contact our legislators and demand that “pork” be made illegal, that funding be set aside annually and a special account be created for Social Security.

We did not make this mess—they did, and they did it while we trusted them to act like adults and run our country, not act like infants who fight with each other at the same time they are raiding the cookie jar.

Kathleen Vaux


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