Cover makes patio year-round room

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:46 AM

Ruth Malan

Are you getting the most out of your patio or deck? Would you like to enhance your outdoor experience in your own yard? Cool Covers, at 2753 Midland Drive, in Ogden, may have just what you need to extend the season for using your patio or deck.

Even during the snowy months, a barbecue grill can be used if stored under a secure structure.

Scott Wallace began his career working with a home-improvement contractor before opening his own business in 2006. He has worked in the industry for 30 years.

Once a deck or patio cover is in place, the summer furniture can stay on the patio year-round. Wallace said people don’t realize how much they will enjoyhaving a patio cover until they get one. If there is no cover, the area is more like a stage that is exposed to the elements. Once a roof is put over the outdoor living area, the space begins to look more like a room.

“I often run into customers who tell me they love them,” Wallace said. “They can use the space year-round. They can go out and barbecue a steak in the winter. It has great benefits to them.”

There are many different styles and options. Steel panels are used because steel is stronger than the aluminum that some companies use. There is a built-in gutter system, and the eave ends are covered, so it looks like an extension of the home. The same system may be used as a carport.

“It’s an economical way to cover your car — it shades and protects it,” Wallace said.

Some people prefer the pergola look and want an open and airy feel. A pergola may be left open or the Solara may be used. The Solara is a pergola that has louvered slats that may be opened and closed, providing the options of an enclosure or an open airy space.

“This is exclusive to me,” said Wallace, who sells and installs the louvered cover.

Each cover is custom designed for the home.

“I like to make appointments at the house so I can make suggestions and construct it to fit,” Wallace said.

The roof is given an overhang of 1 or 2 feet, so it can match the roof of the home.

“I call it putting a lid on it,” he said.

There is no maintenance to the cover unless leaves need to be removed from the gutters in the fall. And the structure has an excellent paint system.

Homes with a western exposure have a lot to gain from installing a patio cover because it cools the house while shading the patio. And for further comfort, roller shades can be mounted to the frame to block about 90 percent of the sun. Although they block the sun and afford privacy from the neighbors, you can still see through them.

There are as many people who have the roller shades installed for privacy as there are those who use them to block the sun, he said. And the shades may be added at any time. The shades can be raised and lower by hand or can be motorized.

Insulated covers are often used in case the homeowner may want to convert the patio into a sun room.

“We do a lot of screen rooms and enclosures,” Wallace said. “It is a really personal product.”

Wallace said he finds the very best manufacturers with the best warranties.

“I want to sell you a decent product with no trouble down the road,” he said.

Cool Covers also does other home improvements. They sell and install vinyl siding in many different styles. Styles include vertical, horizontal, shake and scalloped.

“I like to show customers my vertical panel,” Wallace said, “but some houses are not meant for vertical.”

The company also does eaves, soffits and fascia, but in these areas, aluminum is used because it is rigid and can be custom bent. Rain gutters are seamless, so there are no leaks.

The company also replaces windows and can accent them with shutters or different trim around the windows. When putting on new siding, insulation can be added before the siding goes on, to make the home more comfortable.

Low-E windows with argon gas between the panes is used to keep the heat in the house during the winter and to keep the home cool in the summer.

“The vinyl window is quieter, because the argon gas makes it harder for air and noise to get through,” he said.

The gas and electric companies also give rebates on replacement windows.

Homeowners may visit the showroom on Midland Drive to see the products or visit the website at For information,call 801-866-4198 or 435-744-0170.

And don’t forget to stop at the Cool Covers booth at the Home and Garden Show.

Patio covers are installed by Wallace’s own installers and are completed in one or two days. Windows can usually be installed in one day, too.

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