Love not an excuse to condone anti-Bible behavior

Mar 5 2013 - 12:21pm



I am writing in response to an article that appeared in the letters to editor on Mar. 2, entitled "Paper shouldn't have allowed use of term "'anti-Christ." I am not interested in engaging in a verbal sparring match with the author, but the article demands a response for clarification.

1) He combines a moral term (homosexual) with racial and religious terms (African and Muslim, etc.) as though they were in the same category, which they are not.

2) The Bible uses "anti-christ" to describe an attitude and a last-day ruler. As such, it is talking about anything, or anyone, who against Christ. I would agree with anyone who states that a practicing homosexual lifestyle is contrary to Christ and the Bible.

3) When the author describes himself as a "homosexual Christian," I would want to know if he has desires to do so, but is resisting the temptation and striving to abstain. A practicing homosexual cannot be a Bible Christian, as the Bible is very clear in its opposition to this practice. I am glad that he seeks to "love all of God's children." However, love is not a license to ignore God's word and condone anti-Bible behavior. Remember: anyone can say anything, but that doesn't make it true. The Bible is the standard by which everything should be judged.

Pastor John Utz

Calvary Christian Center



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