SB66 would stifle citizens' referendums

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:59 AM

Margaret Brough


Thumbs up to the Standard-Examiner (Thumbs Up thumbs down editorial Mar. 4) for pointing out that our legislators are pushing a bill to restrict the citizens initiatives by passing SB66. This bill with all its warts and blemishes is a blatant attempt by the legislature to restrict our constitutional rights to appeal to our elected officials through the referendum and/or initiative process. It wasn’t too long ago the Legislature attempted to attack GRAMMA requests which provide transparancy. If it weren’t for the outrage and cry of the citizens and newspapers, they might have gotten away with it.

Here in Kaysville, we are attempting to pass an initiative to curb the city from overcharging us on our electric bill to operate the city in lieu of taxes. For years they have gotten away with using the excess funds with no accountability. Appeals to the council to stop this have fallen on deaf ears.

Our only hope is to pass a referendum or initiative that prohibits this.

If anything, the Legislature should make it easier to submit petitions. It is one of the best means citizens have to keep government honest. Please write, call or e-mail your legislator about this.

Margaret Brough


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