Committee: Rich won't pay more

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 10:59 AM

Antone Clark

SALT LAKE CITY — The premise that the rich pay too little in taxes failed at the state level in a House committee Friday.

Rep. Brian King, D-Salt Lake City, had proposed raising the income tax rate for wage earners of more than $250,000 from 5 percent to 6 percent, and to 7 percent for people making more than $1 million.

The increased revenue from HB 225 would have been directed to education. The measure lost in committee 8-4.

“Folks who are making the most money should be asked to make that contribution. If we do that, I think we are going to improve the chance for our kids in the education system,” King argued.

He called the action to not consider a tax increase cowardly.

He found few believers on the committee.

“I’ve never had my constituents say, ‘Raise my taxes,’ ” said Rep. Francis Gibson, R-Mapleton.

Rep. Jim Nielson, R-Bountiful, said people often are supportive of raising taxes on others but not themselves.

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